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* Intuitive ergonomic furniture and accessories

* Immediate Resolution TM

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* Ergonomic awareness lectures

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* Volume discounts in addition to corporate rates

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Examples of our most common product recommendations/solutions

Vu-Tek Vision Care Filters TM for LCD and CRT

* Optical quality anti-glare glass

* Form-fitted to monitor; Black and Putty.

* Reduce glare and excess light

* Improve contrast, sharpens text

* Fit diagonal size monitors from 12 to 21 inches.


Measure width of casing and diagonal of viewing area

(i.e. 17 in., 18.1 in., 19 in., 20 in.)

Specify if LCD is a Wide Screen.


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Intuitive Motion Keyboard/Mouse Systems

* Maximum versatility

* Encourages multiple sitting postures

* Extended arm

* Intuitive adjustment for height, tilt, and viewing depth

* Up to 13 inch vertical height adjustment

* 360 degree pivot

* Used with various custom platforms with separate, pop-off palm rests.

The custom platforms can be retrofitted to an existing articulating arm.


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Fully Adjustable LCD Arms

* Prevent craning of the neck

* Save space

* Adapt for all viewing depths

* Vision care

* Intuitive and crank adjustable

* Gas-spring articulating options.


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Immediate Resolution Ergonomic Seating

* Click Chair - Multi-task - Stool Options

* SwingSeat - Orthotic/Prescription

* Dynamic Seating - High-Performance

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Professional Wired and Wireless Headsets

* Noise-canceling microphone

* Swivel-mount receiver

* Flexible microphone boom

* Lightweight, yet durable

* Promote healthy movement and prevent awkward neck postures

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ErgoDynamic Sit to Stand Solutions

* Promote maximum movement

* Sit to Stand workstations

* Immediate response height adjustment

* Adjustable viewing distance

* Uses intuitive, retractable keyboard / mouse system

* Optional retrofit sit to stand lcd monitor arm combination with sit to stand modified keyboard system

* Sitting, perching, standing supports


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Optical Mouse Input Devices

* Five right handed sizes, three left handed

sizes for the perfect hand fit

* Optical

* Thumb, heel, and palm support

* Promote neutral hand posture


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ErgoDynamic Anti-Fatigue Work Mats

* Significantly increase blood circulation and reduce fatigue.

* Combat cumulative trauma disorders associated with standing

* Highly chemical resistance.

* Easy to clean


* Elastic design forces muscles to move even when standing still.

* Standard size is 2 ft. x 3 ft. and 5/8 in. thick with outside edge beveled.

* Custom sizes available


* Industrial interlocking safety matting system

* Yellow edge ramps for safe entry and exit

* Types to withstand forklift traffic

* Modular design allows for infinite configurations

* Variations depending on surfacing needs


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Roller Bar Mouse Input Devices

* Built with a rollerbar that controls the cursor and can be used with either the thumbs or the fingertips, requiring no gripping

* Controls are centrally located beneath the space bar

* Minimize strain to the neck and shoulders associated with standard mousing

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Adjustable Keyboards

* Adjust both horizontally and vertically

* Promote neutral arm and wrist posture

* Minimal force required for input



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Free-Floating Foot Rests

* Free Floating

* Improve circulation

* Promote healthy, low-risk sitting postures



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ErgoDynamic Document Managers TM

* For reading, writing, copying

* Retractable, space saving

* Free-standing option (FS)

* Hold heavy books/binders/laptops

* VDT riser; vertical adjustable.


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